March, 2011

Market leader snack manufacturing company further increases nitrogen generation capacity

Mogyi Ltd makes roasted peanuts, pistachio, and other nuts and snacks. In this field this Hungarian company market leader in Hungary and most probably in the Central-Eastern Europe as well.

Most of their production is distributed on export markets: today, Mogyi Ltd exports to 16 countries. Long shelf-life of their products is a must for such export activity: the freshness of products must be preserved over the long distribution chain.

To preserve the original taste many products are packaged under nitrogen atmosphere. Under the protective gas, products do not develop rancid off-flavours, flavour and aroma components do not oxydize.

Mogyi purchased liquid nitrogen for packaging till 2003. That time, they purchased an ABH nitrogen generator: it significantly decreased producttion costs and the nitrogen became available from local source.
As the production of roasted seeds increased over time, the need for nitrogen increased paralelly. Mogyi requested AB Hungary Ltd in 2005 than in 2008 to increase the capacity of their nitrogen generator.
Thanks to the modular design of ABH nitrogen generators, expansions of capacity of generator were done easily during weekend stops. Today, the generator delivers several times more nitrogen, than at the beginning.
Cost of such an expansion was significantly lower, than purchasing a new generator.

Last time, in March, 2011,  we  installed a new nitrogen generator in another production facility of Mogyi, 20 km far from the previous plant.

The new nitrogen generator delivers 40 m3/hour food industrial quality nitrogen to save the fresh taste of roasted oily seeds - and, if it is neccessary - it is ready for further expansion.

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