Nitrogen and oxygen generators separate the desired gas from compressed air and deliver it in an automatic process.


Freedom from external supplier: The "raw material" is always available: ambient air is the raw material for nitrogen or oxygen gases. The air is compressed by a conventional air compressor, that is frequently already available. You may forget the annual price negotiations for gas: the source of gas is yours.
Convenient, automatized operation: there is no need to purchase, transport, warehouse of the neccessary gas. The generator continuously delivers the nitrogen or oxygen gas as it is needed. There is no need for any specialized skill to operate the generator, nor any human interaction - except to switch the generator on or off.
Increased work safety: there is no high-pressure cylinders around, there is no liquid gas tank in the facility, so, all the inconvience and risk associated with their handling and transport of cylinders or liquid gases are eliminated.
Long lasting equipment: Generators are robust, designed for many years of continuous operation. They do not contain moving parts, except the internal parts of their heavy-duty industrial valves. In fact, the adsorbers of nitrogen generators can withstand 20 years of uninterrupteed operation, wiithout material fatique (certified by TÜV). Therefore, they do not need frequent maintenance: the maintenance tasks are limited to the periodical check of the cartridges of compressed air filters.
Cost effective solution: costs of on-site generated gas are significantly less, than gas purchased from a gas supplier. The payback period sometime is extremely short: for example, substituting nitrogen gas cylinders in a more or less continuously operating inerting application with a nitrogen generator, it pays itself back within a year.
Modular design: Due to their modular design, the capacity of ABH on-site gas generators can be increased in the future. So, if the company grows, or, if there are new applications are introduced, the generators can be enlarged with moderate investment.

Increasing in-house resources - widening process possibilities

Introduction of on-site gas generators in a manufacturing facility frequently resulted in unexpected changes in the technological processes. As the cost of nitrogen or oxygen gas dropped significantly, customers started to use the gas in more and more application in the technological processes - not only in that process, where the use of gas was strictly mandatory.

It was especially frequent in case of nitrogen, as protective gas. In-house availability of low cost nitrogen allowed the use of protective gas in more and more parts of the technological processes: frequently resulting in improved quality.
In practice, it means frequent requests for increasing the capacity of nitrogen generation capacity of installed generators to supply enough gas for new applications of the low-cost protective gas. It happened, that a particular customer requested increase of his nitrogen generator capacity four times in seven years.

Helium recovery systems

Based on technolodies used in separation of gasses of air, systems for helium gas recovery have been developed. These equipment are used in industrial application to recover already used helium gas, making it possible to re-use the gas several times.

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